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Embrace the Fall Spirit: Top Things to Do in Montgomery County, Maryland

If you're anything like me, Fall is bittersweet. I LOVE the weather, the glorious leaves, the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas! OMG), but I start to panic that the year is almost over. Have I accomplished everything I needed to? Was the year a success? What have I learned? Do I still have time to learn more? BLAAAARG! FALL. Chaotic, beautiful Fall.

I work a lot. I'm always "doing," but Fall reminds me to take in what's around me. I pack up the court broom I use to sweep the leaves off the tennis courts in the morning and head indoors to play. I turn the AC off and start to move the temperature dial up in the car. Sweater weather makes me happy, so this Fall, I decided to put together a list of things to do that bring me back to the air I'm breathing and all the beauty surrounding me. I hope you find this list useful.

Explore the Great Outdoors:

Montgomery County boasts stunning natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Take advantage of the crisp fall weather by hiking through serene trails in Great Falls Park or Seneca Creek State Park. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the C&O Canal towpath or visit Brookside Gardens to admire the breathtaking fall foliage.

Pick Your Own Apples and Pumpkins:

Fall in Montgomery County means apple picking and pumpkin patches. Head to Butler's Orchard or Homestead Farm to handpick the juiciest apples, and don't forget to explore their charming pumpkin patches. It's a delightful activity for families and friends, offering a fun-filled day immersed in the seasonal spirit.

Visit Historic Sites and Museums:

Take a step back in time and explore the rich history of Montgomery County by visiting its historic sites and museums. The Sandy Spring Museum offers fascinating exhibits and workshops that delve into the area's cultural heritage. For history buffs, a visit to the Clara Barton National Historic Site provides a glimpse into the county's past.

Indulge in Local Cuisine and Breweries:

Fall is the perfect time to savor the flavors of Montgomery County's culinary scene. Sample seasonal delights at local farmers' markets, such as the Olney Farmers and Artists Market or the Bethesda Central Farm Market. Additionally, Montgomery County is home to several breweries and wineries that offer tastings and tours, providing a delightful way to unwind and enjoy the fall vibes.

Enjoy Cultural Performances:

Montgomery County is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Attend a captivating performance at the Music Center at Strathmore or catch a show at the Olney Theatre Center. From live music to theater productions and art exhibitions, there are numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the county's cultural offerings.

Montgomery County, Maryland, truly comes alive in the fall, offering an array of activities and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer outdoor adventures, seasonal festivals, historic exploration, culinary delights, or cultural performances, the county has something to offer. Embrace the autumn spirit, savor the beauty of the changing leaves, and make the most of this vibrant season in Montgomery County.


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